ComputerLogic - Press Release - September 30th, 2010

"ComputerLogic and Summit Software Solutions Launch Paint and Materials Costing Interface"

Macon, GA and Poway CA. September 30, 2010 - ComputerLogic, Inc. and Summit Software So-lutions, Inc. today announced the interface of ComputerLogic’s paint and material management sys-tem, PMCLogic™, with Summit’s CollisionRepairNet™ software suite.

 The interface allows shops to easily include accurate paint and materials costs in their shop management program for better inventory control and accounting.

PMCLogic™ utilizes a proprietary database of repair templates and hundreds of thousands of paint and material prices to automatically calculate the quantity and cost of all liquids and allied products used for each unique vehicle repair; making PMCLogic™ the collision industry’s most comprehensive paint and materials management system for inventory control and job cost analysis.

CollisionRepairNet™ is Summit’s shop management software suite that includes two shop man-agement systems, ASCENT™ and Summit™ and more than 20 different technology applica-tions presently used by almost 700 collision repair shops in North America.

“Along with increased efficiency, the PMCLogic integration with Summit’s management system provides an additional source of comprehensive data and key performance indicators for shops seeking a competitive advantage”, says Rick Palmer, President of ComputerLogic. “The knowl-edge gained from having accurate cost reports allows repairers the opportunity to better control their P&M cost and generate increased revenue opportunities,” added Palmer.

Frank Terlep, CEO of Summit Software and Mobile Solutions, said, “The Paint Material Costing Interface that was jointly developed by our two companies continues Summit’s commitment to our customers and the collision repair industry to design and deliver technology solutions that will help collision repair businesses operate their shops Better, Faster and More Profitably. This new interface reduces non-value added steps in the repair process while increasing accuracy and control”.

About ComputerLogic

ComputerLogic is an international leader and innovator in the development of Information Technology (IT) solutions for the automotive aftermarket industry. Founded in 1979 with headquarters in Macon, Georgia, ComputerLogic has grown through its dedication to creating knowledge based management and communications tools that solve business problems and increase awareness of new business opportunities. ComputerLogic’s technology is currently utilized in 37 countries worldwide.

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