ComputerLogic - Press Release - August 11th, 2010

"ComputerLogic Releases PMCLogic Vers 6.4"

Macon, Georgia. August 11, 2010 - ComputerLogic today announced its latest release, version 6.4, of the popular paint and materials management system, PMCLogic™. PMCLogic users will immediately notice several significant enhancements surrounding cost and revenue analytics and receive updated paint and material price information. The new “Insurance Grouping Feature” aggregates insurer information for all vehicles repaired, along with other data imported from the 3 major estimation providers (Audatex, CCC and Mitchell), and provides informational reports that promote better communication within the insurance industry. “These new features will add value to the repair process by providing a wealth of accurate data that will assist in the decision making process. Accurate data creates opportunities to reduce cost and increase revenue,” said Rick Palmer, CEO of ComputerLogic. According to Palmer, “PMCLogic is designed to be easy, fast and accurate; and every new release builds on that foundation.” When generating reports, PMCLogic’s ability to segregate information by customer groups, allows PMCLogic users to identify trends and draw comparisons more easily. “The idea is to give repairers and insurers data which is actionable and provides them with the information they need to better manage their business,” added Palmer.

PMCLogic Version 6.4 also includes a new “Paint and Materials Sales and Cost Export Feature” which allows shops to export their actual paint and materials cost to a Body Shop Management System.

Rick Palmer concluded that “PMCLogic Version 6.4 is another major step forward in the evolution of PMCLogic and we invite all repairers and insurers to evaluate for themselves how P&M information, based on surface-area based calculations, improves the accuracy of data generated for paint and materials estimating.”

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About ComputerLogic

ComputerLogic is an international leader and innovator in the development of Information Technology (IT) solutions for the automotive aftermarket industry. Founded in 1979 with headquarters in Macon, Georgia, ComputerLogic has grown through its dedication to creating knowledge based management and communications tools that solve business problems and increase awareness of new business opportunities. ComputerLogic’s technology is currently utilized in 37 countries worldwide.

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