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How Does PMCLogic differ from other paint and materials estimating systems?

Because it was first developed as a paint and materials management system for inventory control, cost analysis and reordering, PMCLogic is unlike any other paint and materials calculation program.

The principal differentiator rests in the methodology of how P&M usage is calculated.  Because repairers must be able to rely on the data for re-ordering purposes, PMCLogic throughput must be very precise and our calculations are based primarily on surface-area.

How does it work?

PMCLogic provides hundreds of unique templates for each class and size of vehicle for the repair and refinish of body parts and structural components.  PMCLogic applies industry recommended best practices and procedures in the calculation of each paint and material estimation.  PMCLogic takes into account the type and origin of the panels being replaced and the specific repair methodology used for that repair.

The volume of paint which is estimated to be used in the refinish process is surface area based and color specific.  It will not change based on the number of refinish labor hours indicated on the original vehicle repair estimate.

How did PMCLogic evolve from paint and material inventory control to P&M estimating and invoicing?

Detailed information concerning actual P&M usage is of paramount importance to generating the accurate information needed for inventory control and stock replenishment.  When repairers recognized a need to produce a paint and materials estimates and invoices, PMCLogic was enhanced to include pricing.

What is attracting APD Directors and Appraiser Managers to PMCLogic?

The application of PMCLogic for the critical review and adjustment of paint and materials invoices is growing because PMCLogic:

  • automatically imports CCC, Audatex and Mitchell estimates

  • offers customizable customer set-up features that address the unique requirements of DRP relationships.

  • reduces supplements and improves cycle time
  • allows appraisers to approach each claim with increased knowledge and confidence

  • builds a greater level of trust and cooperation between insurers and their industry partners

How does the insurance industry know it can rely on the validity of PMCLogic data?

PMCLogic is a ComputerLogic solution.  It has been in development and evolving for 9 years and has had millions of dollars invested in its design and on-going improvement.  Insurers are finding that PMCLogic is superior to any other P&M calculation system on the market today:

  • because of ComputerLogic’s dedication to being a partner to all entities in the collision repair industry.  We are committed to remaining a neutral, independent third-party facilitator that gathers facts and presents the results for the benefit of all concerned parties involved in the collision repair process.

  • because ComputerLogic has an on-going business relationship with numerous paint and materials manufacturers, jobbers and industry associations, such as I-CAR; our pricing, products and usage data is, without question, accurate and up-to-date.
  • because of ComputerLogic’s unique combination of technological expertise and three decades of experience in the collision industry. 

The logic behind PMCLogic’s methodology and the accuracy of our estimation data is what sets PMCLogic apart.


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