ComputerLogic - Press Release - May 5th, 2010

"ComputerLogic Announces The Launch of PMCLogic ‘On-Line’"

Macon, Georgia. May 5, 2010 – ComputerLogic’s popular paint and materials management system, PMCLogic™, is now available over the Internet. In addition to providing new functionality, PMCLogic ‘On-line’ makes the initial installation process faster and easier and provides software and data updates on a more frequent basis.

PMCLogic automatically imports data from the 3 major estimation providers (Audatex, CCC and Mitchell) to provide a quick and accurate estimate of the total cost of paint and materials for a specific vehicle repair.

Rick Palmer, President and CEO of ComputerLogic, stated; “PMCLogic is much more than just a paint and materials (P&M) estimation and invoicing product. It is a management system that provides accurate data on the cost of each job and provides a list of materials used in a specific repair process." He added, “Our calculations are based on thousands of unique templates which reflect the actual, real-world repair process. The time and cost expended in gathering this information and ‘getting it right’ is what makes PMCLogic such a unique and trustworthy product.”

Instead of using refinish hours to calculate the estimated volume of paint and materials used in a repair, PMCLogic focuses on what work is actually being done to each affected panel, or structural part. The data gathered over many years of paint and material research is used to list the specific types and quantity of items used for a specific type of repair or refinish process. This information, along with the paint and material manufacturers’ suggested selling price for each item, allows PMCLogic to quickly and easily calculate the total cost of the P&M expended for each unique vehicle repair.

Because insurers and repairers can equally depend on the unbiased accuracy of the data provided, PMCLogic is fast becoming the industry’s standard for paint and material valuation. Both parties know that they will achieve the same end-results, regardless of who writes the PMCLogic estimate.

Shops are increasing the use of PMCLogic to help them better track and manage their inventory to reduce cost and waste. The recent addition of several new inventory and cost reports in PMCLogic adds to this ability. In a competitive environment, controlling and reducing cost can be just as effective in improving net profits as increasing prices.

ComputerLogic is offering a free trial to all repairers and insurers who would like to evaluate this new program. To receive a ‘Login’ to PMCLogic On-line, go to and fill out the contact information form provided there.

About ComputerLogic

ComputerLogic is an international leader and innovator in the development of Information Technology (IT) solutions for the automotive aftermarket industry. Founded in 1979 with headquarters in Macon, Georgia, ComputerLogic has grown through its dedication to creating knowledge based management and communications tools that solve business problems and increase awareness of new business opportunities. ComputerLogic’s technology is currently utilized in 37 countries worldwide.

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