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"PMCLogic is truly easy to use. Most of the shops I talk to acknowledge that PMCLogic is the best program for paint and materials estimating."

- Nef Lopez - Bodyworks by Tiffany - North Plainfield, NJ


"Since we started using PMCLogic 3 years ago, it has really helped our bottom-line, because we are able to invoice
for the exact materials that actually go into a repair. ComputerLogic also does a great job with support."

- Mark Highfield - Regal Nissan of Roswell - Roswell, GA



“I firmly believe you need to pick your battles and show the insurers that you want to be fair but that ‘the door
swings both ways’. Invoicing is the only fair way to be paid for paint and related body materials.”

- Lee Amaradio - Faith Quality Autobody - Murietta, CA



“I just wanted to say thanks to everyone from PMCLogic. Thanks for all of your help - YOU ALL WERE AWESOME!!
The program is working well for us and we are making more profit and being paid for what we are using. THANKS!
From all of us at Regal Pontiac!"

- Cherri Surrency - Regal Pontiac - Lakeland, FL



“I don’t import CCC or Audatex in my business and P&M estimating takes me a little longer. But I did my first [PMCLogic] estimate the other day and it took me less than 5 minutes. This system is heads above Mitchell and PaintEx.”

-Barrett Smith – Auto Damage Experts – Tampa, FL



“Shops that want to be in business long-term will have to change how they do things today. I have had success with [PMCLogic], and I have just started using it. Educating appraisers about the specific requirements of a job is the key.”

-- Jim Shreve, Ph.D – Waike, Collision – Massillon, OH



"I have only been using PMCLogic for 2 months but have used it consistently and am finding that my insurers like
the detailed invoices and accept them routinely. I believe in using real data for costcontrol and management and
that’s why PMCLogic is a big part of how this shop is run."

-Fred Haberl – Auto Body Resurrection Carstar –Lakeland, FL



“I’ve been a PMCLogic user for a year and a half and I often review my paint and materials invoices with my DRP’s.
Some shops are afraid to educate their insurers and jobbers about paint and materials costs and this needs to change.
We plan to continue to use PMCLogic and help bring that change about!”

- Phillip Richmond- Scott’s Auto Body -Tehachapi, CA



“PMCLogic is an amazing system, and from using it, I’ve gained the respect of our insurers. When you
use PMCLogic, the truth is the truth."

-Ray Gunder- Gunder’s Auto Center - Lakeland, FL



“We’ve gradually been implementing PMCLogic into our estimating process for 3 months and are beginning to see
the great potential to recover unrealized paint and materials compensation. PMCLogic will become a key feature
for invoicing in the future.”

- Rick McMillan- Harrison’s Auto Body - Macon, GA



“I plan to use PMCLogic more and more in my day-to-day operations. It's just so fast and easy to use- it blows my mind.”

- Chris Grootegoed – Tri County Collision – Hudson, OH


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